General Meeting Minutes 11.8.22 (draft–pending approval on 2.7.23)


WMS PTCO General Meeting
Tuesday, November 8, 2022

WMS in person 

Draft – pending approval in Feb 2023

  • Call to order 
  1. Attendance

Executive Board members – Brian Brown (president elect), Lisa Britt (treasurer elect), Jill Smith (communications), Kara Martin (secretary)

WMS personnel, including Monica Garcia (principal)

WMS parents, caregivers, and community members (attendance roster signed)

Special Guests: WMS SRO Rodney Valenzuela and Greenwood Village Detective Tony Costarella

  1. Notes below taken by Kara Martin 

  • Minutes from August 30, meeting: Minutes approved unanimously upon motion of Tanya Rinebarger, second by Jill Smith


  1. Hospitality Funds: PTCO received $10,270 in hospitality contributions, exceeding the hospitality budget of $7,500, which is based on the Parent Council guideline of no more than 5% total budget spending on hospitality/non-student related expenditures. Two options for handling this excess: a) spend down the excess in the year of receipt (i.e., 22-23) or b) earmark funds for 23-24. Hospitality expenditures as of Nov. 2 are $1,206, leaving a balance of $9,064. Possible expenditures include Fall and Spring conference dinners, Veterans Day snacks, December 16 Staff Holiday Luncheon, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc. ** moves to approve expenditure of the additional funds exceeding the $7,500 budgeted for hospitality, in this school year (i.e., 22-23). Jill second the motion. The motion is unanimously approved. 


  1. Volunteer of the Year: Jill Smith was named WMS volunteer of the year! Congratulations for a job well done, Jill!


  1. Drugs and Social Media Presentation, WMS SRO Rodney Valenzuela and Greenwood Village Detective Tony Costarella

**Action Item:  At the next General PTCO meeting on February 7, 2023, approve minutes from the November 8, 2022 meeting