PTCO Sponsored Events 2021-2022


We hold two fundraisers annually, which fund many WMS programs that PTCO supports.  Everyone has busy lives, so we keep these events simple!  There is no gift wrap to sell and students don’t have to go door to door.

-Wildcat Challenge-

This is held each fall and is an event that involves students raising funds through online or in person donations.  Students celebrate meeting their school wide fundraising goal with a prize day.  We encourage donations from friends, family & co-workers.  Employer matching contributions are always welcome.

-Family Giving-

This event is held in the spring and is a “direct ask” campaign, where families can “write a check and be done”.  It is intended for parents of WMS students.  Employer matching contributions are always welcome.

Spirit Events

-West Fest-

We hold this annual carnival within the first few weeks of school starting.  This is an event where you can meet and mingle with new friends and classmates.  Students and their families are welcome to join in this fun event.  This is a free event.

-Class Parties-

Parties will be held in the spring this year.  More details TBD.

-Teacher Appreciation-

We love our WMS teachers and PTCO shows our appreciation at different events throughout the year. 

  • Conferences
  • Teacher appreciation week