The Wildcat Challenge is winding down and we need your help!  At this rate, it looks like we will miss our goal to fund the PTCO and help our students this year.  We would love to have a big push so we can fully support our students and teachers this year!  Last day to donate is 9/15/2023!  This Friday!  Thank you so much for your support during this challenge!  

As of 2 pm on 9/10/2023, we sit at just 55% of our goal.  Remember, we help provide teacher grants for student work, support field trips, some of our school societies and provide funding for other school needs that help our Middle Schoolers!  We have lots of fun prizes for the students!  Drawings, individual prizes, class prizes, there is something for every student with a donation in their name!  Please reach out to family, friends and neighbors!  

Link for donations below:

Home – West MS Fall 23 – R4Fund$ School Fundraisers (

Checking your student’s total? The password is WCC2023

BONUS INCENTIVE: Thanks to the generous folks at Modern Market, they have donated several $25 gift cards!  ALL students that have a donation in their name will be entered in a drawing for these gift cards! 
Eat Well – Be Happy | Modern Market

– Parents, we NEED your help for the students to have a fun day on Friday.  Please sign up to help at the following link.  We are especially in need of 8th grade volunteers!!! 

WMS volunteers: 9/15/23 – WMS Wildcat Challenge Prize Day (

Please don’t forget to sign your student’s waiver online!  If your child wants to participate on Friday 9/15/23, a waiver needs to be submitted.  

Waiver – West MS Fall 23 – R4Fund$ School Fundraisers (

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!  

Kristine Mize-Spansky

Fundraising Chair

West PTCO 


Save the Date: August 10 West PTCO Check-In Day!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, August 10 for our WMS PTCO Check-In. Please mark this date on your calendar now. Our wonderful PTCO is organizing this day so that families will have the opportunity to pick up class schedules, get a locker and try it out, load money on lunch accounts, receive Track information, and learn more about our PTCO.

Check-in will be available from 8:00am-12:00 pm and 2:00-6:00 pm. Your check-in time will be determined by your last name.

A detailed email with all necessary information for this day on July 31.

In order to check-in, parents must first complete the CCSD Parent Forms on before arriving. We will not be able to release your student’s schedule or locker information until these forms are completed.

Please Volunteer to Help!

With close to 1,000 families attending this check-in, we need as many parent volunteers as possible to help with the check-in. Here is a link to sign up to volunteer for the check-in process on August 10:

This is a great way to meet other families and staff members at West. We’d love to have your support with this!


New West PTCO Executive Board

At the PTCO General Meeting on July 12, a new West PTCO executive board was elected for the 2023-24 school year.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the new board:

  • Brian Brown, President
  • Garry Roseman, President-Elect
  • Erin Hornstein, Treasurer
  • Amy Land, Treasurer-Elect
  • Mandy Galbraith, Secretary
  • Wade Nedved, Communications
  • Kristine Mize-Spansky, Fundraising

West PTCO Executive Board Meeting 8/2

The PTCO executive board will be meeting at 9:30 AM on August 2 at West Middle School. Members of the West PTCO community are invited to observe the meeting in person or via remote participation.


PTCO Board Election Meeting on 7/12/23 at 7:30pm–All are encouraged to attend


Hi Wildcat families!

We hope you are enjoying your summer so far despite the unseasonably wet weather!

This email contains more information about the West Middle School PTCO board election which will take place next month.

The election will occur at a meeting being held in accordance with the West Middle School PTCO Bylaws. The meeting will be held in-person at West Middle School with a remote attendance option (please read below for more information on this). The meeting will be on July 12, 2023 at 7:00 PM at West Middle School.

The only item on the agenda for this meeting will be the election of the PTCO Officers. Article IV, section 2 of the Bylaws, which deals with the election process, has been copied here:



2.  Nominations and Elections

Nominations for PTCO officers are performed by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the President, President Elect, Slating Chair, and one or more representatives from each elementary feeder school, if possible.

The Nominating Committee shall work to achieve a well-balanced slate of officers, representatives and standing committee chairpersons from each feeder school.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate a candidate for each elected office after obtaining consent from the nominee. The slate of candidates for each office shall be posted at least thirty (30) days prior to election.

Election shall occur at the final PTCO general membership meeting in the spring. Nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the meeting on the condition that the nominee consents. If there is only one nominee for each office, then election shall be by voice vote. If more than one candidate is nominated for an office, the election for that office shall be by a plurality of those present and voting at the general membership meeting by a written ballot.

The newly elected officers shall be installed immediately upon election.

We are fortunate to have been able to achieve a full slate for this election on short notice. Consistent with the directives provided by that same section of the Bylaws, the nominating committee is posting the following list of nominees for consideration by the voting membership for the 2023-2024 school year:

Executive Board Position Volunteer (student grade for 23-24)
President Brian Brown (7)
President Elect Garry Roseman (7)
Treasurer Erin Hornstein (7)
Treasurer Elect Amy Land (7)
Secretary Mandy Galbraith (7)
Communications Wade Nedved (6)
Fundraising Kristine Mize-Spansky (7)

Please note that, in accordance with the Bylaws, nominations for any position may be made from the floor of the meeting with the nominee’s consent. In the event that more than one candidate is nominated for office, the rules indicate that voting must be done by a written ballot. This means that only those in attendance in person at the meeting at West Middle School will be allowed to vote (via a written ballot) if there is more than one candidate for that office. We will provide paper and pens to facilitate a written ballot vote if necessary.

Please also note that the PTCO recognizes that some rules laid out in the Bylaws may need to be considered for updating in order to foster the highest level of balance and inclusivity possible in a changing world of electronic presence and access.

If you have any questions about the meeting, the election process, or other aspects of the PTCO, please feel free to email

Enjoy your summer, and we look forward to seeing you at the election meeting on July 12 at 7:00 PM at West Middle School!